Eco Saver Water by Me-design Team

Social Ecology

Me-design Team from Interior Design Program, Faculty of Creative Industries (FIK) Tel-U class of 2013 M. Hafiz Husain, Rizkyda Aldino, M Arief Budiman, and lecturer Ahmad Nur Sheha Gunawan, ST, MT successfully became second winner at “Integrated Green Parking Area” event in Bangka Belitung University, Friday (18/12).

The event was the second National Design Competition with theme “Integrated Green Parking Area”, which was an activity of 2nd Confest organized by Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Bangka Belitung University in cooperation with the local Department of Public Works.

Approximately 20 team universities all around Indonesia which joined the competition, Sheha recognized that Me-Design team Telkom University has its own uniqueness. “Interestingly, Telkom Me-Design Team was the only team from outside Department of Civil Engineering. Why my students and I felt confidence, because I use the perspective of my disciplinary backgrounds, Architecture, “said Sheha, Tuesday (29/12).

On this competition, the participants were challenged to design integrated parking area that was not only provide optimal parking space was insufficient aspects of land use as much as possible, but also environmentally friendly, especially the adequacy of water and air.

Related to that challenge, Me-design team applied the concept design named “Eco Saver Water”, with the main principles on how to replace the water catchment area which includes pavement to keep absorb water into the ground.

“The idea is to create a parking area which able to catch as much water then flowed into absorbing wells in order to absorb into the ground. To anticipate the overload capacity tricked by making water diversion channels of absorption wells to channel roil the city where water capacity overload, “said Sheha.

Not only that, the challenges they face was on how to reduce air pollution that arise and accumulate as a result of fumes motor vehicle parking. “The idea is to actively circulate air and the arrangement of the plants or green space along with choices of what plants are able to absorb pollutants in the air,” said Sheha.

Based on Sheha’s experience in guiding student, there are a lot of lessons to be learned together. He considers that the time management, confidence, a willingness to read, understand, and analyze was essential soft skill which must be owned by the students in particular to build a career in the future. “Working for yourself, do not be colonized yourself even more anyone else,” he said. (purel / Nisa)