Mini Green Power Plant, Electric Power Alternative Solutions

Mini Green Power Plant, Electric Power Alternative Solutions

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Students and student of Industrial Engineering Telkom University created the Mini Green Power Plant for alternative power solutions. They are Erlangga Bayu Setiawan, Damanhuri Nurul Huda, Prafajar Muttaqin Suksesano and Nia Novitasari.

“People power users often encounter problems. The problem is rotating blackouts or unstable electricity. In fact, the electricity tariff per KWh actually increased each day. So we need to create alternative solutions for electric power, “said Erlangga, head of the Team Of Technology (T.O.T), Monday (22/12).

Here, Erlangga said, that inspired the creation of Mini Green Power Plant (MGPP). “The amount of kinetic energy that is wasted – waste in the environment around us. As in the Laws of Thermodynamics, around 20% of the energy is wasted on energy consumption every day, “he said.

According to Erlangga, MGPP convert the kinetic energy into electrical energy. Kinetic energy in the household we have encountered, such as outdoor air-conditioning fan. From the kinetic energy can generate electricity at 220 Volt AC and ± 1000 Watt. “MGPP not generate the waste. So that this innovation could be household electronic equipment that is ideal for the people of Indonesia, “said him.

In this innovation Erlangga and his team will develop MGPP for kinetic energy generated air conditioner (AC) with PK values vary. While MGPP currently developed is intended for the kinetic energy generated by the AC ¼ PK value. Pun, development MGPP applied to Boogie Train that will reduce electrical energy consumption for the train.

“We hope that the presence of investors who are interested to cooperate in developing and commercializing MGPP so as to benefit the entire community,” said Erlangga.

As one student innovation products Telkom University, MGPP recently was awarded second prize in the Product Innovation Competition Enjinia Nusantara (Lipen) 2014 held in Bogor, Sunday, November 23 last.

Erlangga symbolically received the award thanks to its innovation in the grand final show is supported by the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs RI, Japan Indonesia Kaizen Center (JIKC), Nanotech, and those who sponsored the event. This event is also the same time serve as a milestone inception Monozukuri movement nationwide through the program “Olympic Monozukuri Indonesia”. (purel / risca)

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