Sebatik Building (School of Creative Industries)

Sebatik Buiding View from Situ Techno
Sebatik Building is the building of Telkom University School of Creative Industries. The building name, "Sebatik", came from an island with same name located off the eastern coast of Borneo. Sebatik building houses five different academic programs, namely Visual Communication Design (DKV), Interior Design (DI), Product Design (DP), Textile and Fashion Crafts (KTM), and Creative Inter-media Art (SRI). It also hosts a gallery named Idealoka, to showcases students' creative creation publicly through exhibition and seminar.

Sebatik building was designed in a way that it may support the green initiative of Telkom University. The main point of green initiative from Sebatik Building is through energy efficiency. The building was designed to have enough openings so that it may receive enough sunlight. Therefore, during daytime the building can reduce electricity consumption used for lighting the building interior. While during nighttime, the building's interior lighting mainly turned off to further reduce electricity consumption because most of its room are unused and inaccessible.

Another point of green initiative from Sebatik Building comes from its exterior, specifically its front-yard. The building also equipped with various plants and flowers in its front-yard. It is maintained not only for aesthetic purpose, but also to provide additional effort to reduce air pollution through the use of green plants planted in front-yard.

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