Srikandi ASTACALA Telkom University Celebrate Kartini’s Day

(late post) Srikandi ASTACALA Telkom University Cleaning Situ Cisanti to celebrate Kartini Day.

Celebration of kartini day this year Astacala slightly different, before we celebrate it with wild adventures.

But now we are celebrating in Situ Cisanti “Hulu Citarum”. The Citarum River is famous for its dirtiest river in the world. By carrying out clean-up activities around the lake, which hope will have an impact for local residents and visitors to maintain Situ Cisanti tourism by not littering. And the making of 10 trash cans (Organic and non organic) with funding comes from “KitaBisa” donated by good people. And making a simple wooden plank with contains invite to throw garbage in place. This step may be early for us and all of us. 10 large garbage trashbags were collected. Happy for us. Because it can be beneficial to the environment.

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