Three Green Leading Campus Program Telkom University

Bandung, Telkom University – The Directorate of Logistics & Asset released a brief overview of Telkom University campus area arrangement which contains detailed information about the programs both already running and the future plan for Telkom University to be able to become world class Green Campus.

There are three main points to be the main objective of this program, the first is the Revitalization Area Business Center which is a top priority in development, which will be the center of business activities of academicians and accommodate the public interest related to Telkom University.

The second is Student Walk Design, the development is intended to make the business center above be alive, so it takes ease of access for students to the business center. Building Creative Hub Capsule and Co-working Space on the road body will be added, both facilities will be placed on the inside and center of the sidewalk.

Finally, the presence of Shuttle “Bandros” Campus & Bike CampusGiven the wide area of ​​Telkom University which reaches nearly 50 hectares, it is necessary to have supporting facilities that facilitate the students and lecturers for campus exploration especially to the business center. It is a free facility within the Telkom University campus which operates from 07.00 am to 7 pm (Bandros). While the bike rental is charged only Rp2500 / day.

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