Let’s Choose, Reduce and Utilize The Trash!


We may often forgot or too lazy to distribute the household waste to the scavenger to be recycled, whereas the recycled waste sorting could help the scavengers increase their income and reduce waste in the landfill.

Open Education event “How To Be A Zero Waste Hero” which held at Bangkit Building, 4th floor, Audio Visual Room Telkom University (Tel-U) on Friday (29/1) invited Fatonah Fitriani or familiarly called Ine as zero waste researcher.

At the beginning, Ine done this research to help her mother on waste recycling. “Firstly, we conduct the research only at rented house which is managed by my mother. We provide a simple waste processing system for the tenants and the recycled waste will be collected to the scavengers or waste collectors” Ine said.

According to Ine, the waste sorting and recycling will help to reduce waste in Bandung city. “In addition, collecting the recycled waste to the scavengers also raise our income or the scavengers itself,” she said.

This activity was also attended by the Director of Student Affairs Tel-U, Hendratno S.E. Akt, M.M, which invited students to participate and create a community such as Tel-U Waste Care and become Go Green Campus in Indonesia. “We can create Tel-U Waste Care and also waste-free campus” he said. (purel / AW)

Source: telkomuniversity.ac.id/news/lets-choose-reduce-and-utilize-the-trash