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Shuttle services

Mobility between locations in the region within Telkom University can be done by all academic community members on foot. This is because we designed a comfortable pedestrian path that allows pedestrians to travel the closest distance to the destination location. So, providing a shuttle for mobility with a general purpose on campus is not very urgent, because mobilization is still very likely to be done on foot or by bicycle.


Car 0%
Motor Cycle 0%
Pedestarian 0%
Bicycle 0%


The use of campus buses is used for inter-campus mobilization for all academic community, namely Telkom campus located on Jl. Batu Buah Canal and campus located in Gegerkalong (majoring in management). For this need Telkom University has 2 air-conditioned campus buses with a seating capacity for 32 people.

In addition, specifically for employees who want to use the Telkom University pickup to go home and go, there are 2 shuttle cars that pass through certain lines.

To help student activities in the Telkom University area, a Telkom University car is provided. This car operates every day in all buildings in the Telkom University area at certain times. This car will stop at every shelter that has been provided. This car is very useful as when the civitas will perform Friday prayers.

The policy to provide pedestrian-friendly areas for pedestrians is the commitment of the leadership.